Rajah x Heera's Puppies
Moonlighter's Silver Frost Star  (Heera)
Silver  Frost  Rajah
Born August 2, 2016
Girls:  5     Boys:  2
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Photos  will be posted as the puppies grow
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It was fascinating to watch the transformation in Heera's personality once the puppies started showing up.   From an adorable spoilt brat she turned into
Super Mom instantaneously!
At exactly four weeks of age here are seven very energetic and highly vocal kids with beautiful heads and Rajah's trademark gorgeous
double coat.
(More to come)
Four and a half
Already know their names and respond when called.  Not quite firm on their feet yet but that does not deter them from trying to waddle-run and waddle-jump
Now eight weeks old.  A magnificent litter.  Each one healthy and beautiful. 
Here with their "Forever" Moms and Dads
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Silver Frost Rajah ki Nishani (Casper)
7 weeks old
GIGI (Silver Frost Rajah's Johara) 6 weeks old
with her new Mom, Rasha, of Annapolis, Maryland
More pictures will be posted soon.
Some of the above photos were contributed by the new owners of the puppies
MUNNI (Silver Frost Rajah's Munni) 8 weeks old on her way to New York with Zudith and Jeffrey of FDNY

And this is my little one,
(Silver Frost Rajah's Jewel In The Crown)
10 weeks old
GIGI 9 weeks old
Munni 9 weeks old, in her new home
in New York
FREDERICK (Silver Frost Rajah's Legacy) 8 weeks old going to new home in Delaware with Helen and Konrad
CASPER (Silver Frost Rajah ki Nishani) 5 months old
(Like father, like son)
Blue Boy (Casper)  going to new home in Virginia with Cendi
FREDERICK  11 weeks old
FREDERICK 11 weeks old (is that Rajah all over again???)
Munni 5 months old
PURPLINA (Silver Frost Rajah's Meera, call name, Betty), 8 weeks old, with Emily and Brendan, headed to Virginia

GIGI at six months
MUNNI  6 months old strolling along the Hudson in New York
PINKY (Silver Frost Rajah's Ayokili) 8 weeks old,
going to new home with Monique and Terrell in Maryland
PINKY (Ayoki) 12 weeks okd
PINKY (Ayoki) in the park
6 months old.


GIGI, 6 months old, out for a walk
Brendan (the tough firefighter from Fairfax!!) with his baby, Betty!
Casper, 5 months old, with Cendi and Sean
in Virginia
FREDERICK at 6 months....WOW !
ANJUM at 7 months
ANJUM entering her 8th month full of wide-eyed wonder and curiosity, (sometimes quite destructive!).